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                                    I (Alex) first started working in the restaurant business at the beginning of                                           April. I love the excitement of running a restaurant, always meeting new,                                             smart, fun, interesting, and helpful people. Here at Express Sushi & Teriyaki                                         we are all family, even our sushi chefs, we literally spend more time with each                                     other than with our own family.  It has been a little over a year since we have opened; our loyal customers have become family to us as well. We have a wide variety of rolls that include; torched, baked, spicy, and of course many fresh varieties, like our SoSoSo Fresh Roll. One of my favorite bento boxes is the salmon teriyaki; I call it the Landon special sometimes because that is his all time favorite bento box with the "broccoli". 




Express Sushi's History

A lot of people wonder why an Armenian family would try to open a Japanese restaurant. This has been an ongoing question from many customers.  People that walk through our door are curious as to whether or not we own the restaurant, and if we speak Japanese.  Well long story short, when my family moved to the United States in November of 1999, we started working in the restaurant field. One of the restaurants was called I Love Teriyaki. The first couple of years were a little challenging, but sometimes patience brings experience and experience brings success.  For the 15 years we were operating these teriyaki and Korean restaurants we learned how to grill the chicken, beef, salmon, and so much more. The best and most important part is the sauces. The sauces are all made by us at our current location on Madison Ave. in Carmichael, California. With all of our combined restaurant experience, opening our own restaurant was always on our minds.  We really thought that our teriyaki plates would be great in combination with sushi rolls, and it turns out we were right. To this day Express Sushi & Teriyaki is still growing and we plan to grow even more in the future. We are happy to be a top restaurant in the greater Sacramento area. With all of the success we’ve had at our current location we would love to have several more locations in Sacramento, perhaps extending through other parts of California and maybe even share our food in other regions of the United States. Thank you to all of our customers, employees, cooks, and sushi chefs!


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